Island Facts and History


The Bahamas, which consist of a group of islands off the coast of Eastern Florida have been an independent country since 1973.

Map of Eleuthra

The official language is English and the currency is the Bahamas-Dollar which is on par with the US-Dollar, as this is the case the US-Dollar is widely used.

The Bahamas enjoy a sub-tropical climate, average daily forecast is:
Summer (May – October) – higher rainfall
Minimum 65°F/18°C – Maximum 91°F/33°C

Winter (November – April) – expect little rain
Minimum 65°F/18°C – Maximum 80°F/28°C


More than 300 years ago, English Adventurers in search of religious freedom founded the western world’s first true seat of democracy and named it Eleuthera, the
Greek word for freedom. Its settlers, fleeing persecution in Bermuda and England, called themselves “The Eleutheran Adventurers” and time and circumstances
would prove that tag more accurate than they ever expected.

Led by Captain William Sayle, the 70-member band of adventurers first went ashore near Governor’s Harbour. Disputes arose among the group and Sayle and his
faction headed off toward the northern part of the island by boat. Their boat floundered on the treacherous reefs and their supplies were lost. Many of them
nearly starved, but they made do, living and worshipping in a cavern that is now known as Preacher’s Cave.